headerBritish Columbia adopted a flag in 1960. Prior to that when the BC Government needed a flag to distinguish itself from other provinces, it sometimes informally used a BC Ensign. This one was used by a trade delegation to San Francisco in the 1920s.

About the British Columbia Historical Federation

The British Columbia Historical Association was established on October 12,  1922, and on March 2, 1927, the Association was registered under the Societies Act. It was renamed the British Columbia Historical Federation on July 29, 1983 — a name that better reflects its role as an umbrella organization for provincial historical societies. The Federation is a non–profit organization registered as a charitable society under the Income Tax Act.

Historical Note
E.K. (Ned) De Beck, Clerk of the House (1949-1973), made the President's gavel from maple wood that came from the colonial legislature buildings often referred to as The Birdcages (1860-1898). When this gavel was presented to the Federation is unknown.

Another mystery - what happened to the first gavel? According to the 1929 BCHA Report, "The Hon. Mr. Justice Martin presented the Association with a gavel made from the wood of the steamer 'Beaver,' the first steamer to traverse the waters of the Pacifc Ocean."

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